For Sellers

For Those Selling Homes or Property

The most important decision you make through this process will be who you trust to help make it happen. That will determine a lot about how easy or hard it is to set a fair and reasonable price for the market – a price that reflects the true value of the property – and then to sell your home or property at that price.

Before a “For Sale” sign goes up, cut the grass. Remove clutter from the yard and garage, trim hedges, weed gardens and wash the house… Do the things that make it look lived in and loved. That’s how you want a buyer to see your home: loved. Paint the house, if it needs it.

First impressions matter. Sights, sounds, smells… It’s nearly impossible to overcome a bad first impression. The better the first impression, the better the final price will be.

A good realtor is an expert on marketing a home or property. They know what needs to be done and they will be happy to share what they know. Listen to – and trust – their suggestions for getting the best price from your home.

For more information, request my sellers packet full of helpful hints on the homeselling process and other common expenses.

Strong Web Presence

The vast majority of home buyers start their real estate search online, long before ever talking to a real estate agent. I have developed an effective strategy to market your home in the online forum. Listed below is a small sample of web based advertising that I will do to market your home. – Your listing will receive preferential placement on Yahoo when buyers search your town because of the long standing relationship between Prudential and Yahoo! – A residential real estate search engine and the fastest growing U.S. real estate Web site. I have subscribed to a service that features my listings, giving my sellers more exposure.
Craigslist – A community site to advertise real estate and other items for sale.
Homes & Land Magazine – Your home will be one of the first seen by potential customers inside the front cover.
Tri-Cities Real Estate Guide – Exclusive to my office and distributed throughout the Tri-Cities. 2,500 copies distributed each month.
Tri-City Herald – Your home will be advertised for a minimum of 30 days or until sold!
Northwest MLS – We are the only brokerage firm in the area to have our listings appear in the NWMLS, exposing our listings to over 24,000 agents in the NW.

I offer you the unconditional guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service you receive or I will allow you to cancel your listing at any time prior to a signed contract, solely at your option.

What have you got to lose? Call me today and start packing! I would also be happy to notify you by e-mail with the latest information on property listings and sales in your neighborhood.