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Real Estate as an Investment

Real Estate InvestmentReal Estate is – and for years has been – one of the best, most solid, consistent investments available to nearly anyone. It doesn’t take millions to get started investing in home and/or property ownership. It does take discipline and willingness to make it pay off, however.

One of my particular areas of expertise is in bank-owned properties…those that have usually gone through a foreclosure proceeding and are back on the market. These are a special breed of real-estate investment and they are not for everyone. For one thing, loan pre-approval is required before an offer can be submitted. For another, homes are almost always purchased “as-is.” A professional home-inspection will make you aware of needed repairs, but the bank will seldom be willing to cover the cost of any fix-ups. When it’s yours, it’s yours.

One final note – there can be multiple offers on a bank-owned property and a bank may insist on prequalifying a buyer themselves, although the buyer is not required to use that bank as the lender. And don’t be in a hurry…response time on an offer can be somewhat longer than on more usual home and property sales.

With all of that said, real estate – including bank-owned property can be an excellent investment. If you would like more information, please call. I have helped many investors and several investment groups develop excellent property portfolios and look forward to helping you!

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Kennewick, WA home for sale

3 Bedroom Rambler $150,000

8209 W. Clearwater Ave.

8209 W. Clearwater $204,900 3 bed, 2 bath 2057 sq ft Bank Owned Rambler